View from the top of the Statler...

Took a ghost tour of the Statler Hotel last night with our good friends Don and Linda.  The tour was interesting with a unique chance to see many areas of the hotel not normally visited.  Here are a couple of images which show the view of City Hall from the 17th floor.  These are both hand-held as I did not have a tripod with me. 

Congratulations Boys of Summer Band!

On Thursday October 8th, The Boys of Summer Band was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame.  They have been performing together for 25 years and continue to entertain a large, loyal fan base with their diverse set lists and fun party-time music.  Each member is an exceptional musician, and together their musical chops and rich harmony vocal style put them in a league of their own.  They are enjoyed by fans of all ages.  

The band plays 150-175 shows a year including public, private weddings, and corporate gigs.  This is not their first award as the band has received over 20 previous awards in the Buffalo Music Awards and People's Choice Awards.  It's members have also received individual awards.  

Its present members are Jimmy Weldy (founder and original member), Steve and Gary Edmonds (original members), Don Lorentz, and David Green.   

Those of you who have not seen this band play live are truly missing out!

Congratulations Boys!!

Little Red Schoolhouse Civil War Day 2015

We participated in the Civil War Day event at the Little Red Schoolhouse in Lancaster last weekend.  The weather was cold but the participants and the visitors were excited to be there.  Generals Grant and Lee, President Lincoln, the 21st Georgia Rebels, the Company A US Engineers were available for weapon firing demonstrations, and to teach about the soldier's uniforms and daily lives.  A Union Medic talked about the crude battlefield first aid and medicine of the time period.  There was a friendly load and fire competition between a Confederate infantryman and a Union Engineer.  The outcome was the same as the outcome of the war itself.  Fun!

This is a small but very nice event.  It allows you to get up close and personal with the re-enactors who are happy to talk about their roles in the War and about re-enacting in general.  You can also go inside the old schoolhouse.

Here are some images from the event.  Go to the gallery "Little Red Schoolhouse 2015" to see more...


Forest Lawn Cemetery

Took a tour of Forest Lawn Cemetery recently.  Very informative and enjoyable tour which had us visiting many of the grave sites of famous residents including Red Jacket, George Birge, Seymour Knox, Rick James, George Pierce and Millard Fillmore.  We were greeted by several restless wandering souls along the tour who enlightened us with their stories about their past lives.  

I highly recommend the two hour walking tour which is what we took.

It's more than a cemetery  - it's a beautiful park like setting where people come to jog, picnic and to celebrate the lives of those who have gone on to eternal rest.

Here's some images from the tour.

Red Jacket

Red Jacket

Blue Sky Mausoleum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Blue Sky Mausoleum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Mumford Civil War Re-enactment 2015

Had the pleasure of participating in the Civil War re-enactment in Genesee Country Village in Mumford, New York.  This was one of the largest battle re-enactments Noah and I have been involved with to date, with several hundred soldiers taking the field.  There were mounted Confederate Calvary as well as artillery and fortified earthworks and field obstacles.  Besides two battles daily, there is also a living history component and camps for both sides spread throughout the historic village all of which are open to the public.

The earthworks were constructed earlier in the week by members of the Company A Engineers, who were also responsible for clearing brush during the battle to allow the Union Infantry through to attack the Confederate line.  What a thrill it was to watch the Engineers attack the Rebel position armed with axes and shovels! 

What a great event!  This was an excellent opportunity to be transported back to the 19th century and to experience what life and combat were like during that time period.  Anyone want a pickle-on-a-stick for a dollar? 

See the gallery "Mumford Civil War Re-enactment" for more images... 

Here come The Engineers!

Here come The Engineers!

Clearing the brush field obstacle so that the Union infantry can attack the Rebel position behind the earthworks.

Clearing the brush field obstacle so that the Union infantry can attack the Rebel position behind the earthworks.

Discussing the fine points of the bayonet attack.

Discussing the fine points of the bayonet attack.

Explaining the damage rendered by the weapon during its withdrawal from the enemy's guts.  The look on the lady's face says it all!

Explaining the damage rendered by the weapon during its withdrawal from the enemy's guts.  The look on the lady's face says it all!

Union camp in the village

Union camp in the village

Rebel camp in the village

Rebel camp in the village

Company A US Engineer Battalion

Company A US Engineer Battalion

Pickle-on-a-stick for a dollar.

Pickle-on-a-stick for a dollar.

Pierce Arrow Antique Car Show

I attended the Pierce Arrow Car Show this weekend in downtown Buffalo.  About 50 Pierce Arrow automobiles were on display in front of the Pierce Arrow Museum and also lined both sides of Seneca Street.  

Pierce Arrow cars were luxury vehicles which were manufactured in Buffalo from 1901-1938.  These cars were sought after by the wealthy and served as presidential vehicles from Taft to Roosevelt.

Beautiful cars and beautiful weather in downtown Buffalo! 

See the gallery "Pierce Arrow Car Show" for more images... 



French and Indian War at Old Fort Niagara

Attended a re-enactment event for The French and Indian War at Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, New York.  This event runs all weekend with living history camps, skirmishes, artillery and rifle demonstrations, and battles between the French who occupy the fort and the British aided by the Indians who are trying to take the fort.  

Go to for a schedule of the daily events.  

This is the largest encampment that occurs at the fort and shouldn't be missed!

Here's some photos from the event.  See the gallery "French & Indian War at the Old Fort" for all the images.


An oldie...

Here's an image I took quite some time ago at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens.  I finally got around to processing it.  I hope you enjoy it!

Memorial Day Ceremonies

The Engineers were proud to be a part of these two ceremonies this past weekend to celebrate Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is the day when we honor those heroic individuals who gave their lives for their country.  

The first event was on Saturday in Arcade.  The railroad brought Generals Grant and Lee, President Lincoln, infantry from both sides and Union artillery to the Curriers Station to pay tribute to the dead from both Union and Confederate armies.

The second event of Sunday was a Memorial Service at Forest Lawn Cemetery by the Sons and Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War.  This took place in the Civil War section of the cemetery at the GAR Monument, Section 14.  

Fire on the Genesee

This past weekend a Civil War event was held at Letchworth State Park.  This was a really fun event!  For two days visitors had the opportunity to walk through both Union and Confederate camps and talk with soldiers from both sides to get an idea of what a soldier's life was like in the 1860's.  

The Engineers led by Artificer Luke Eames were busy building a Gabion and a Cheval de Frise to be used on the battlefield.  Luke instructed Private Parker Ball on how to shape the spikes for the Cheval de Frise and Private Noah Luthart on how to build the Gabion.  They also were training on the Mountain Howitzer Cannon with Robert Yott and served as artillery specialists for both battles.  Thanks to all for a fun filled weekend!  

Thank you Rob and Luke for "outfitting me" so I could take photographs from a different perspective.  

Below are some examples of photos from the event.  

See the gallery "Fire on the Genesee" to see more images...    

Letchworth Civil War Days-407.jpg
Letchworth Civil War Days-910.jpg

Yorktown, Virginia

Our last stop of the Historic Triangle was Yorktown, Virginia.  Yorktown was an important port city during both The American Revolution and almost a hundred years later, The Civil War.  Here are some images from the trip. 

More images can be found in the "Yorktown, VA" gallery.

Historic Jamestown, VA

Visited Historic Jamestown Virginia with my extended family in July.  It's a really cool place to visit and was Noah's favorite of the historic triangle ( Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Jamestown, and Yorktown ).  

See the "Jamestown, VA" gallery for more images from the trip.

Lincoln's Day Celebration

President Lincoln's Birthday Celebration, which was postponed due to the unbelievably cold weather we've been having lately, was held today at The Buffalo History Museum.

President Lincoln recited excerpts from his inaugural addresses as well as The Gettysburg address to a good-sized crowd.  The celebration continued outside with the laying of a wreath at the base the Lincoln statue as well as a rifle salute and the playing of taps on the bugle by The Company A Engineers.  Everyone was then welcome to mingle with the re-enactors and have cake and refreshments.

Thank you to all of the spectators who came out to celebrate with us.

Here's a few photos from the event.


I attended an event at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens called "Lumagination".  The Gardens are ablaze with color and sound.  In the waterfall room there was a laser harp which changes the lights and music when you interrupt the beams.  Em had a blast for about an hour with this!  Definitely a cool event!  Here's some examples from the event.  More images are located in the "Lumagination" gallery.